Darlington Primary School

Darlington Primary School

School Council

The School Council is a body formally constituted under the Education Act.

The purpose of the School Council is to provide Darlington staff and community with opportunities to work together and participate in the decision making processes which inform the school’s planning processes.

Council members take part in:

  • establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities and policy directions;
  • financial planning to support the above;
  • evaluating the school’s performance in achieving these

Each year, School Council approves;

  • the level set for voluntary contributions and charges;
  • extra cost option components of the school’s program;
  • items for personal use in the educational program;
  • arrangements for advertising or sponsorship in relation to the school

The School Council consists of representatives from the school, parent body and community. Terms of office are generally for two years. Parent representatives of the School Council are nominated and elected through a formal process which occurs when necessary.

Parents are welcome to nominate to hold a position on the Council when they become available. They are also welcome to approach members of the Council with concerns, queries or suggestions.

The School Council meets on Monday evening at 7.00pm in Week 5 of each term.

Our current School Council is comprised of six elected parent/community representatives and 3 members elected from within the school staff. The Principal is an Ex Officio Member.

School Council for 2017/18

  • Ian McCallum (Council Chair)
  • Rachel Relf (P&C)
  • Anke Steinwandel (Community)
  • Fiona Gordon (Primary)
  • Adrian Woodley (Early Childhood)
  • Jed Handmer (Parent)
  • Stewart Melrose (Staff)
  • Paula Adam (Staff)
  • Nicki Hill (Staff)
  • Lorna Woodley (Ex Officio Member)

Ian McCallum
Ian has had children at Darlington Primary since 2012 when he moved to town from Victoria. He works in the mining industry as a business analyst.

Paula Adam
Paula Adam has been a teacher at Darlington Primary School since transferring from the Goldfields Education Region in 2010. During her 8 years at Darlington she has had varied teaching roles across all phases of learning as well as specialist Physical Education. Paula is passionate about school improvement, implementing change and increasing student performance.


Jed Handmer
I am a workforce development professional with 14 years experience at organisation, industry and national level in various industries, including health, community services, government - and education.

In 2008/9 I was a member of the small reform team that developed the Independent Public Schools program, increasing autonomy and putting key decisions (e.g. staff appointments) in the hands of school leadership instead of distant bureaucrats.

From my observation, Darlington Primary doesn't want for much - it has a happy, emotionally intelligent staff culture, great physical environment, quality leadership, obvious community engagement - and the best canteen in the state. As such I assume the Councillors' main role is not messing up the good standards of community support for the staff that are (co)raising our kids so well.

In addition to my lengthy experience of policy, governance, risk management, influencing government agencies, and other things that I assume are relevant... I am more importantly decent on the tools, and keen to explore even more groovy adventure play equipment, learning gardens and amenities


Rachel Relf
Rachel moved to Darlington in 2016 with her husband and they have 3 children currently attending Darlington Primary School. She previously worked as a business analyst for a government department, and is now studying at Curtin University to become a Secondary Teacher specialising in Humanities and Social Sciences and Maths.

Fiona Gordon
Fiona has lived with her family in Darlington since 2012. She grew up in country Victoria, just north of Melbourne, and lived in Canberra for 14 years prior to moving to Darlington.

She has two daughters the youngest is currently at Darlington in Year 1 the eldest is at Kalamunda Senior High School. She is an active participant in the Darlington Primary School P & C and enjoys being part of such a wonderful community. She loves the community and environment we live in and is committed to sustainability, recycling/repurposing, safety, education and health.

Stewart Melrose
My name is Stewart Melrose. I have been working for the Department of Education since 1992, prior to that I had experience in the banking and private health sector. I have taught in remote locations from Halls Creek to Christmas Island to the wheatbelt to the Perth Hills where I am currently employed at both Darlington and Mt Helena Primary Schools .I have taught as a classroom teacher across all primary grades as well as a music specialist, which is my passion. I have been living in Parkerville since 2002 with my partner and two boys (men) aged 17 and 18.

I am heavily involved in the Hills music scene as both a performer and director and have played a variety of venues as a solo artist and as part of bigger combos and I am presently writing and recording music in my home studio.

Anke Steinwandel
I am proud mother of two boys, 7 and 15 years old. My family joined the Darlington Primary School community in 2009, after moving here from Sydney. Before that, we immigrated from Germany, where I grew up.

I am a Registered nurse working in the health system since more than 20 years.

Since joining Darlington Primary School, I have been involved in fundraising events, as a canteen and classroom helper.

Adrian Woodley
Adrian Woodley is a new member to the Darlington Primary School community, with his eldest son in Kindy. As a day job he is a Project Engineer for a multi-national communications company, which gives him a keen interest in technology and STEM education. Adrian is also the Captain of a local Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.

School Council Minutes

Our School

The school is located on a beautiful three-hectare site in the heart of the Darlington village, in the hills east of Perth. In 2012, the school celebrated its Centenary and maintains a long and strong tradition of providing quality education for children from the local area. It is not uncommon for current students to have followed their parents and grandparents in attending the school.

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