Darlington Primary School

Darlington Primary School

A day to remember…

Tuesday May 17 saw months of negotiations, planning and teaching activities and learning culminating in a dynamic and musically stunning concert when renowned children’s entertainer Peter Combe performed for students at Darlington Primary School.

The students sang, moved, clapped and interacted with Peter as he performed his way through a collection of thematic, humorous and student centred songs that even had teachers and parents reminiscing about songs they had grown up with.

Songs about seasons, blowflies, travelling turkeys, monkeys in teapots and billy goats preceded a second half of perennial favourites that we all knew – Spaghetti Bolognese, Juicy Juicy Green Grass, Newspaper Mama and perhaps his most memorable song…… Mr Clikketty Cane - at which point I’m almost certain the singing could be heard all the way to Midland!

Peter’s songs and their qualities highlight the importance of music education in a child’s developmental journey. Numerous and repeated current research studies show that music stimulates areas of the brain necessary for development in all areas of learning.

A huge shout out to the students of Darlington Primary for their participation in yesterday’s concert. The success of these activities is always dependent on the input and involvement of the audience. Well done!!

Stewart Melrose
(Music Specialist)

Peter Combe - A day to remember…

Peter Combe - Monkey in a Teapot

Peter Combe - Mr Clikkety Cane

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The school is located on a beautiful three-hectare site in the heart of the Darlington village, in the hills east of Perth. In 2012, the school celebrated its Centenary and maintains a long and strong tradition of providing quality education for children from the local area. It is not uncommon for current students to have followed their parents and grandparents in attending the school.

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