Darlington Primary School

Darlington Primary School

Principals Welcome

Welcome to Darlington Primary School's website and the Darlington community

We anticipate this website will offer a snapshot of our school.

Our vision is “to provide a caring, holistic and challenging learning environment that nurtures and celebrates individual potential”.

We value:

  • high expectations;
  • a strong sense of community;
  • our environment;
  • respect for ourselves, others and belongings;
  • rights, responsibilities and resilience;
  • health and well-being.

We believe that our children will be successful when the school and community work together to focus on the academic, physical, social and emotional development of our children. Everything we do is evaluated in relation to the impact on student learning and social and emotional wellbeing.

We are invested in ongoing development for all staff and positive relationships with our school community. We will continue to support, develop and challenge our knowledge and skills about ongoing improvements in student learning and behaviour.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to visit or contact us

Maree James

Our School

The school is located on a beautiful three-hectare site in the heart of the Darlington village, in the hills east of Perth. In 2012, the school celebrated its Centenary and maintains a long and strong tradition of providing quality education for children from the local area. It is not uncommon for current students to have followed their parents and grandparents in attending the school.

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