Darlington Primary School

Darlington Primary School

About Darlington Primary School

The school is located in the hills east of Perth, on a beautiful three-hectare site in the heart of the Darlington village. Key features of the school include: the Early Learning Centre, accommodating kindergarten and pre-primary classes, with wonderful gardens and outdoor play areas; the magnificent amphitheatre, constructed by students and parents in the late 1970s and extensively renovated by the P & C as their Centenary Gift to the school in 2012; and a classroom and lunch shed from the original school, both which remain in full use today and have been recognised by the National Trust as having 'Historical Significance'.

The school maintains a long tradition of providing quality education. Many current students have followed their parents and grandparents in attending the school. Students come from families where learning and education are highly valued and there is strong 'community feel'.

The school motto of 'Resilience, Integrity, Initiative, Care' is regularly demonstrated in the actions of the students. High standards of academic achievement and behaviour are attained by most students.

All staff are experienced and dedicated, and collaborate to focus on student improvement through the use of evidence-based, reflective practices and an informed and targeted approach to learning.

Specialist Programs are offered in the areas of Italian, Physical Education, Music, Science and Visual Arts.

Student Services and Pastoral Care programs support students' academic and social and emotional needs. Children identified as being 'at risk' are managed through a team approach, working in partnership with families and outside agencies, as required. Excelling students are identified and supported at a classroom level and are also nominated for various Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs such as: PEAC, Kalamunda Extension Program and School of Instrumental Music.

The school enjoys a partnership with schools in the Hills Education Community (HEC) for various curriculum networks, academic and sporting arrangements. Opportunities for students to participate in a variety of supplementary programs including interschool sport, science, spelling, public speaking and the arts exhibitions are offered.

All staff work closely with our parents, who volunteer and assist in a range of activities throughout the year. The school enjoys the support and involvement of a well-informed and pro-active School Council, and a committed group of parents who form the P & C.

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The school is located on a beautiful three-hectare site in the heart of the Darlington village, in the hills east of Perth. In 2012, the school celebrated its Centenary and maintains a long and strong tradition of providing quality education for children from the local area. It is not uncommon for current students to have followed their parents and grandparents in attending the school.

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